base nautica darsena Mar di Levante, BARI

Condizioni Meteo Attuali

09/26/17 16:15:00

Condizioni Meteo Attuali

Temperatura Esterna


Wind Chill 20.6°C
Indice di calore 20.6°C
Dewpoint 16.2°C
Umidita' 76%
Barometro 1018.4 mbar
Tendenza Barometro (3 hrs) -0.5 mbar
Vento 7 knots from 8° (N)
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Temperatura Interna 24.0°C


Condizioni dalla Mezzanotte
Temperatura Massima
Temperatura Minima
20.9°C at 12:18:01
15.9°C at 07:03:20
Indice di Calore Massimo
Wind Chill Minimo
20.9°C at 12:18:01
15.9°C at 07:03:20
Umidita' Massima
Umidita' Minima
87% at 03:23:26
70% at 12:08:45
Dewpoint Massimo
Dewpoint Minimo
16.7°C at 15:37:11
13.5°C at 07:03:20
Barometro Massimo
Barometro Minimo
1019.5 mbar at 12:13:03
1017.8 mbar at 03:02:02
Pioggia di Oggi 0.0 mm
Rain Rate Massimo 0.0 mm/hr at 00:00:04
Raffica Massima di Vento 14 knots from 277° at 04:13:12
Vento Medio 6 knots
RMS Wind 7 knots
Velocita' del Vento Media
Direzione del Vento Media
5 knots
Temperatura Interna Massima
Temperatura Interna Minima
24.3°C at 14:55:01
22.6°C at 07:16:00


Dati della stazione meteo:
Latitudine: 41° 07.98' N
Longitudine: 016° 50.94' E
Altitudine: 6 meters

This station uses a VantagePro2, controlled by 'weewx', an experimental weather software system written in Python. Weewx was designed to be simple, fast, and easy to understand by leveraging modern software concepts.

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Server uptime: 5 days, 15 hrs, 39 minutes
weewx v3.7.1

Dati di Oggi
Il sole sorge alle: 06:44:18
Il sole tramonta alle: 18:43:27
Moon Phase: Waxing crescent
(28% full)
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